Our farm is unique for the following reasons:

  • The combination of cosy rooms and apartments, and organic farming
  • Breakfast buffet with our herbal teas and freshly prepared herbal spreads (daily) from the farm's herb garden
  • Organic farming methods typical for the region with pastureland and mixed forest
  • Farm distillery with Maria Theresa concession
  • Stylish renovated rooms and apartments with lots of natural wood for wellbeing and harmony - as a guest you will feel this connectedness
  • Our rooms and apartments have no numbers but names with a story - our guests are not numbers, but people with their own stories
  • Guests live with natural wood and in a nature environment
  • Sustainable use of nature in agriculture and forestry, which our guests can experience
  • Our way of life also gives our guests a grounded stability, we stage nothing, but are as we are

Breakfast buffet

While you soundly sleep, we are already up preparing the breakfast buffet for you. We strongly believe in the benefits of a truly fresh breakfast and therefore offer our guests fresh, in season produce, some of which is grown on our farm..

Our breakfast buffet offers:

  • Rolls and pastries - delivered by the bakery daily
  • Variety of sausages
  • Variety of cheeses
  • Variety of regional yogurts: natural and with fruits
  • Fresh milk
  • Breakfast eggs from our chickens at the farm
  • Variety of spreads (some produced at the farm)
  • Variety of muesli
  • Variety of jams (some produced at the farm)
  • Various of juices (some produced at the farm)
  • The samovar (tea kettle) with a variety of teas (some produced at the farm)

Savour a connoisseur’s breakfast - especially if you never have time for breakfast at home.

Arrival and departure times

The check in and check out times at Hinterburghof are as follows:

For rooms and apartments:

Arrival: You can arrive before 12:00 pm, leave your luggage and start exploring the region or after check in time at 4:00 pm when the rooms and apartments are ready for you.

Departure rooms: On the day of departure, the rooms must be vacated by 9:00 am. You can then enjoy a nice breakfast while we do the housekeeping.

Departure apartments: On the day of departure, the apartments must be vacated by 9:00 am.

All-round package at Hinterburghof

  • On the day of arrival, welcome greeting at Hinterburghof and tour of the farm, which includes showing areas for the guests and areas for agriculture
  • BBQ evenings in summer
  • Year-round schnapps tastings
  • Short introduction to herbology
  • Forest tours
  • Ride on the big tractor on request
  • Feeding the small animals (rabbit, cats, hens, goats) on request

 No pets of any kind are allowed as we have many free-ranging small animals (cats, ducks, etc.) on the farm and due to the oiled, lyed natural wood floors in the rooms.