Our schnapps distillery

The distillery – A heritage of craftsmanship

At Hinterburghof, we have a Maria Theresa concession for the distillation of schnapps. The exact date the concession was granted is unknown as it was issued in the Austrian imperial era and the records may no longer exist. However the concession is still valid!

We only use fully matured fruit and berries, which are washed, crushed, filled into mash barrels and mixed with yeasts. After about 12 to 16 weeks of fermentation in winter the ingredients are gently distilled.

The distillery is a traditional single pot still made of copper and stainless steel, equipped with stirrer, thermometers and wood firing. The schnapps distillery is our passion and our tradition in one.

The distillates and liqueurs yielded are stored in large glass carboys (with absolutely no influence on taste) in our dark vaulted cellar (protected from light) until either we or our guests wish to taste one of these delightful spirits.

We say "G´sundheit": a toast to your health