History of Hinterburghof

  • First settlement of the Celts (Ambisont tribe)
  • 1420    First mention of the Hinterburghof in the annals
  • 1649    Pest outbreak, also mentioned in folklore
  • 1691    Krahbichler family granted coat of arms
  • 1902    Purchase of the Hinterburghof by Andrä Krahbichler at an auction.
  • 1947    Begins renting rooms. Then called Sommerfrische (Summer Resort), it was created as a retreat for "rubble women" – women who cleared the rubble in post-war German cities were sent to farms for rest and recreation by the American occupation.
  • 1974    Expansion of rooms
  • 1983    Expansion of apartments
  • 2000    Creation of the bathing pond

Over the years, we have regularly upgraded the rooms and apartments, and agriculture, but always maintained our sense of tradition and closeness to nature.